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I started screen printing in the late 1960\'s. I did a number of courses where the method was simple and using simple materials such as making ones own screens and mediums which worked well with the oil based mediums used at that time.

After completing a degree in psychology I did research in architectural psychology and helped run an interior design design practice specialising in restaurants, hotels and banqueting suites. One of these - The Beafeater by Tower  remained at it was hardly changing for the fifty years it ran sucessfully until ceasing due to the pandemic.The practice ceased and with family persuation I studied and became a Chartered Accountant. For many years I worked in the City eventually running a large publishing company and then in private practice and teaching.

In the 1990s I moved from London to Brighton. The reduction of my workload allowed me to concentrate on my artwork. I did foundation, a degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton and an MA at the University of East London.

For the next years I had a studio at Red Herring. I started to find the physical requirements of the studio too much and had to find a new direction. In circular fashion I went back to Architecture which I should have done nearly fifty years ago. I completed a further degree with a first in Architectural Technology at Brighton in June 2023 and am presently studying for a MA in Architectural and Urban Design.

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