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Studio at Red Herring gone

by Barry

Posted 03-Aug-2015

Since completing my MA in 2006 I have had a studio at Red Herring an artists co-operative with a building in Hove. Red Herring has been a studio co-operative for the last thirty odd years in Brighton and provides good cheap communal space. My studio was well equipped with screen bed, exposure unit and associated equipment and two large kilns. This has now gone and am relocating to a smaller studio and eventually at home.

This studio initially was fine but as I am getting older and less able to cope with cold and need help does not really meet my needs. I damaged my back on handling a large piece and needed help which is not an option in a communal studio or needed to change my practice. I decided on the later and am quite exited. I intend to get a smaller studio possibly by building something at home.

Deciding that Glass was too heavy I decided to do some prints on paper and produced some Christmas cards. Unfortunately hardly anyone noticed they were hand printed and the printing digitally was found just as effective. As I have a large format printer for printing separations some of my latest work has been digital.

I am now in the process of getting a small relief press and going to try using 3D printing to help with plate production. All change but onward - new challenges for new times..

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