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Older work

by Barry

Posted 03-Aug-2015

I didn't do much artwork for many years after ceasing the design work I did for Gwen Leigh Design. I worked in the City and ran a large company as a Chartered Accountant. After cutting back my workload on moving to Brighton and mainly teaching accountancy I started to do lots of life drawing. I felt this insufficient and did foundation and then a degree and subsequently a masters in art..

Foundation was a revelation. It was the start of really learning about art and how intention was just as important as content. Tony who ran the course at ECAT -Eastbourne - was a real task master but through that I started to screen print and this carried on with my degree at Brighton.

One aspect of early work was carving and I did some sculpting both in clay and also in stone and feel that pursuing this further might be an idea for future work.

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